What Nike and yoga have in common

I was having a conversation with my friend Michelle after we had attended our first yoga and meditation class together. We were on a natural high and yet relaxed. Some of this we could attribute to the yoga itself – after all it is one of the world’s greatest forms of harmonising body, mind and spirit. There was, however, an underlying sense that from attending the class we had regained a part of ourselves. We had tapped into our true essence. We had given ourselves a wonderful gift. As parents, you give so much of yourself to your kids. As women we have a tendency to give so much of ourselves to others in general and our needs can all too often fall off the bottom of the to-do-list. But what we discovered on this glorious morning was that it is possible, and even necessary, to make time for ourselves.

Even in the lead up to the class, there were a few things that crossed my mind (aka excuses), which could have easily prevented me from going. Yet, I instinctively knew that on this occasion I had to do things differently; that I had to take action and allocate time out of my busy schedule for me. It meant that I had to be super-organised but oh how relieved I felt that I did as the famous Nike slogan encourages, to “just do it”. After the yoga class Michelle and I indulged in brunch (more time for ourselves…see what happens when you get a taste of it!) and she brought up how we can often think ourselves out of doing activities, even when we know it would be good for us. I loved how she announced it was a case of “don’t think, just do it”. It was perfect; my new mantra had been born the same day as my inner-yogi!

Blogger of Messages from the Heart, Sharon Halliday, enjoys the benefits of yoga and taking time out.

Taking time out for me never felt so good!

Thank you Riverina Yoga Studio for the image and for being my new place of Zen.

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