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If you want to read about the Blogger behind this Blog go to my About Me page. If however, you want to get straight into it, read on.

As a mum of a 1 and 4 ½ year old, up until recently, my daily belief system went something like this:

  • If I’d managed to have a shower, a share of a sandwich at lunch and time in the bathroom without someone yelling “MUM!” – that was a good day.
  • If I’d managed to also put on a load of washing, stack the dishwasher, re-heat a frozen dinner – that was a great day.
  • If I’d managed to also have the same load of washing dried, the same dishes un-stacked and had cooked a hearty, home-made dinner then I was on top of the world…exhausted but on top of the world.

Yet at the same time all of this was going on I was writing. When my baby was crying and I felt helpless, I wrote about it. When I was crying and I felt helpless, I wrote about it. When my baby was laughing and I felt joy, I wrote about it. When I was laughing and I felt joy, I wrote about it.

Something inside of me always knew that I was destined for ‘more’…well more than just nappies and praying for a nanna nap. Although, before I could travel along the golden path to a bright future, I first had to come to grips with accepting where I was – I wrote about that too. Little did I know at the time (correction: my mind didn’t know, my Spirit did, I just wasn’t paying attention), that all of the experiences I was having – the good, the bad, the ugly and the ones you don’t think are even possible – were to serve a higher purpose. That higher purpose is now manifesting in the form of this Blog.

My Blog guarantee to you is this: You may not get an entry from me each day, you may not even get one each week but when you do it will be based on my personal experience and growth (which may in turn help you on your path of discovery) and it will be divinely inspired – of that I am 100% sure.

Everything I discuss I have experienced. Everything I suggest I have tried and tested myself. I provide material to you in the hope that it will do one of the following:

  • Provide comfort in knowing someone else has experienced something similar
  • Provide advice and specific steps on how you can take action in your life to attract positive experiences (based on what has worked for me)
  • Encourage you to live the life you desire
  • Empower you to discover your true purpose
  • Feel more peace and joy
  • And occasionally give you a laugh, even if in the very least, it’s at me – I won’t know so it’s ok. Plus I’m accustomed to laughing at myself every single day – it’s good for the soul to lighten up.

I know we have all been blessed with a range of experiences (although it may not have felt like a blessing at the time) for a specific purpose. I know we all feel emotions for good reason. I know we were all gifted with ways to express ourselves. Ultimately I know this life is meant to be joyous.

And as I write this, the baby monitor has clicked into gear and I can hear my baby crying, who has been a bit unsettled today. So I will take that last sentiment and attempt to practice what I preach by being as joyous as possible during these next few moments. Sounds like an impossible task? Well I can at least try to bring a bit more joy to her life by nurturing her and making her feel loved. To me that means I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



Your Blogger – Your Messenger

“Expansion and Evolution through experience, emotion and expression”

Ps I am writing this the day after I wrote the about content you just read above and felt it was important to give you an update. After I attended to my baby, with joy, she went back to sleep without a sound and I quickly got back into a deep sleep myself and we both slept soundly until morning. It seems joy may be that secret ingredient to life after all. Let’s make it not so secret and try our best to live a joyful life. Even as I write this, the words seem incongruent and contradictory “try to live a joyful life” when you would think as a state of being joy should come so naturally. But unfortunately for many of us, who have been brought up to “work hard and play hard” joy is something we have to learn to embrace. So let’s discover it together, naturally, through Messages from the Heart <3

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