Sharon Halliday is elated with her debut book, Messages from the Heart.

“I’ve officially published my own book!”

It’s a distinct smell when you have in your hands a freshly printed copy of a new book. When you fan the pages and think for a moment of the enthralling words that are going to leap off them and into your brain. But on this day it was more of a fragrance. The book smelt all the more sweet because in my hands I was holding (drumroll), MY book! My very first book!

While I’d had pieces of writing published before – as columnist of a city newspaper for a year and as co-contributor to 365 Moments of Grace – this was different. This took my writing to a whole new level. And my lifelong dream (well, as far back as when I could remember picking up a HB pencil and journal), had come true. We’re talking decades folks…not just a few years, but decades. That’s a long gestational period in anyone’s books!

So often we have dreams and then when we achieve them the celebration doesn’t seem proportionate to the time, energy or effort (or in many people’s cases, the blood, sweat and tears) it has taken to get there.

Now while I’ve had my fair share of paper cuts on drafts and proofs during the writing of this book, there have been more than a few occasions of me running (and sweating) whilst juggling priorities and racing to meet deadlines. Add to this a series of vivid memories of what seemed like rivers of tears at times, AND even the odd curled-up-in-a-ball foetal position moment wondering what beast I had created. But I was determined not to let this success slip through the cracks off into the nether. I was not going to let myself get carried away with working on the next project before this one had been given a suitable homecoming party.

I once wrote in one of my columns about following your dreams (soon after Australia had its first ever female jockey win the famous Melbourne Cup) that:

“Whether we admit it or not, each of us has something inside of us that is our unique calling. It doesn’t matter if it’s a desire to become a published author like me, or be the winner of the Melbourne Cup, like Michelle Payne.”

And that sentiment rings true here today. If there’s one thing I could encourage – no – urge people to do from reading about my journey it is to firstly go after those dreams with gusto, with everything you have. Don’t let the naysayers sway you one iota. Don’t let excuses get in the way of a brilliant idea – of your idea. Don’t give up – keep going despite fears and doubts and the workload. But then, most importantly, don’t keep your successes a secret. You earned this rite of passage…and just maybe you’ll inspire someone else to achieve his or her dreams. If that’s not the icing on this party’s cake I don’t know what is!

Copies of Sharon’s debut book, Messages from the Heart: 39 Answers to YOUR Life Questions, is for sale now from:

Messages from the Heart book on book shelves with Hay House authors.

It was an unforgettable moment when I walked into my local healing centre and saw my book on display alongside Hay House authors.

Messages from the Heart book in window display of local healing centre.

Seeing Messages from the Heart in the shop window of my local healing centre took my breath away.


Follow up note:

Not long after I published this post I came across Brendon Burchard’s blog post on how important it is to celebrate the small wins. He gives some practical ideas about how to keep the positive momentum of special moments going. Click here for his post.

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