The Source

In the same way that some people channel from spirit guides, at times, I have entered a similar meditative, trance-like state in order to receive messages from the Source. It is while in this state that I am able to convey these messages through (what I believe is one of my gifts) automatic writing.

Over the years when I have needed to go within and find answers for myself, I have connected with the Source and transcribed those messages. I created the category Messages from the Source where I will be posting those messages. The reason I am including these deeply personal and profound utterings is because I feel that apart from being all connected, we are all on the same journey, it is simply the paths we take that differ. Therefore, the messages we receive are the same for all of us.

Take a moment and feel yourself drawn to a particular message, it may contain the exact phrase that speaks to your heart and soul. It may uplift, inspire or empower you (or all of the above). It may encourage you to take that next important action in your life. Know that it is divinely inspired and that you are exactly where you need to be yet there awaits a bounty far beyond our imaginations if you dare to dream, explore and claim it!

Source card by OSHO

The full explanation of the Source card features in the Messages from the Oracle & Angel Cards category

This card is copyright to the Osho International Foundation Switzerland (1994) and features in the Osho Zen Tarot The Transcendental Game of Zen.

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