Why Blog?

As Robert Holden so eloquently puts it:

“I am what I am seeking.”

This sentiment is the foundation of this blog. Messages from the Heart represents the journey to re-discovering who we truly are at our Source, who we already are, but have simply forgotten along the way.

Through my personal experiences and knowledge I have accumulated over the years, I believe a big part of my purpose is to help people see, feel and know in their hearts that what they desire and strive for is not ‘out there’ but within. It always has been, it always will be. It is more simply about a re-discovery of our true nature, our source, our essence which somewhere along the way we forgot and were conditioned to believe otherwise. It is about our journey Home.

The challenge is applying that notion, to which we may very well understand intellectually, to our everyday lives. It’s about integrating it in our mind, heart and soul. Interestingly, what I have discovered, is that when we can relate our everyday experiences to the idea that we are everything we seek, then pure consciousness occurs. It brings magic, manifestations and miracles to our lives. The key is mastering it by repeating the process until we return to that natural state of bliss.

How are my blog posts formed?

My blogs are a combination of words from my journals and notes I have taken over the years to document my experiences as well as divinely inspired thoughts. I created the blog category Messages from the Source, for messages that I have received during meditation.

In essence, I will be sharing information with you that I have gathered and applied along the way. Tools and knowledge that have helped me remember my true nature and help me return to aligning with source energy. For in doing this we do what we came here to do and live a more meaningful and joyous life. And really, isn’t that what we all want deep down? Our souls know it, for many of us our minds and hearts know it yet integrating it and translating it into action is the key.

How might my blogs help you?

Some of my posts will come from my journal entries which cover a range of personal issues that I have faced (and maybe still be working on) such as parenting, addictions, relationships, abundance, letting go of the past, finding meaning and purpose and living in the moment.

Even creating this Blog – Messages from the Heart – has been something I postponed for a long time but as some of you may have already encountered, when the soul comes knocking for us to do something and we ignore it, the knocking doesn’t go away it just gets louder.

So no longer could I ignore the inner calling to do this blog. It is not up to us to question or argue against the methods by which it comes to us, only that we follow our messages and intuition and TRUST that some way, somehow it is all for our highest good.

I will often blog or post quotes and images that best reflect what I am experiencing in my life and how I am processing and progressing through it. I share this with you so you can see how it is possible to work through emotional and physical responses that arise, often triggered by every day issues, and how to move beyond it to a more peaceful space. For me it is all about ‘walking the talk’, living with truth and integrity and evolving. And that is the essence of why I blog.

So on that note…dive in to my blogs and pages. I truly hope they give you as much fulfilment reading them as I have had writing them.

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