Ask Sharon: Listen to your wise voice

This Ask Sharon (angel intuitive) column in The Area News on Friday 31 July, 2015 answers a reader’s question by encouraging them to listen to their wise inner voice.

The Ask Sharon column as it appeared in The Area News on Friday 31 July, 2015.

Following is a copy of the full version of the column featured in The Area News complete with the “Listening” card from Cheryl Richardson’s Self-Care Cards.

THIS week Jane asked:

“I’m not unwell but I’m living in a fog, going from one thing to the next. How can I shake this fuzzy feeling?”

One could easily be mistaken for thinking this week’s column would be all about seeing more clearly, yet it was the “Listening” card that appeared from Cheryl Richardson’s Self-Care deck. While this card’s message is to, “Listen to your wise self”, I felt there was much more to it than just being guided by your inner voice.

The “listening” card from Cheryl Richardson’s Self-Care deck was drawn to answer a reader’s question by encouraging them to listen to their wise inner voice.

The “listening” card is copyright to Cheryl Richardson, 2001.

The “listening” card from Cheryl Richardson’s Self-Care deck was drawn to answer a reader’s question by encouraging them to listen to their wise inner voice.

Copyright to Cheryl Richardson, 2001.













When I was growing up, the phrase, “They could talk underwater with a mouthful of marbles” was thrown around a lot…usually in my direction! I admit it, I like to talk…a lot (my husband would certainly vouch for this). Maybe it was originally an attention-seeking thing, maybe it was an immaturity thing, but regardless it took me a while to learn that an important part of communication is to listen to others. It took me even longer to learn to listen to my “wise inner self”.

I feel that you are at a place in your life where your next course of action is to listen. Listen and be guided by your instincts without the second-guessing and without the seeking of opinions from others. This is about you and your valid inner nudges. I’ll bet you’ve tried everything else, and that explains the fuzziness that has probably become all-too familiar to you.

Another familiarity that doesn’t serve us well is the way we communicate. How often do you find yourself in a conversation with someone and you are already thinking about what you are going to say next without really listening? We all do it. But we are also missing out on being present, being engaged and being exposed to relevant information that might be the very thing to clear our path.

Signs can come in all forms including things that other people say. Often, many of my serendipity moments come via a statement made by someone else. Why does this synchronicity even matter? Because not only does it feel exhilarating when that moment happens, but it confirms loud and clear that I am on the right path.

Tips on how to create leverage from your listening skills:

  • Be ready to notice when you need to listen to others, listen to your body or listen to your heart.
  • Know that it takes real presence to listen intently to someone else. Yet, the aliveness and richness of your personal interactions will be forever altered for the better.
  • Be aware that the big pay-off from listening to your inner self is the inspiration that always proceeds.

It is these moments of inspiration that will guide you out of the fog.

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Today’s card has been drawn from the Self-Care Cards. Image and card is copyright to Cheryl Richardson, 2001.

2 thoughts on “Ask Sharon: Listen to your wise voice

    • I think we can all be guilty of that at times. Sometimes we get so excited about what information we have to offer to a conversation that we forget to stop and focus on the person talking. As I put in my post, it can be in these times that we miss gems of wisdom and even signs to help us on our own paths. But even more than that it’s about being in the moment and being respectful of others and their opinions, even if we don’t agree with them. It certainly takes practice – some days we’ll get it and some days we won’t. So I urge you to keep working at listening and being patient…and I will work on it with you.

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