Messages from the Universe – Angel Number 47 – The Right Path

Ever wondered if those random, recurring numbers you see from time to time (or frequently!) are maybe not so random after all? Doreen Virtue makes it clear in her book that looks at each angel number and their meanings:

“Numbers are among the primary tools that angels use to communicate with us.”

Doreen Virtue's book explores each angel number and their meanings.

Doreen Virtue’s book is the ultimate guide for finding the meaning of numbers.

Doreen explains it like this:

“When we ask the angels [or God, the Universe, whoever you connect with] for help, they always answer…and sometimes they respond with direct intervention. For instance, you ask for a better job and voila! – a friend telephones to say that her wonderful company is now hiring. Most of the time, though, the angels answer us with Divine guidance [which] leads us in positive and healthful directions, and it can come to us as intuitive feelings, brilliant ideas, visions and dreams, or signs. Signs include anything significant we see or hear that answers our questions or needs.”

I’ve posted before about the significance of seeing recurring numbers, but today’s post is dedicated to number 47!

I’ve been seeing 47 everywhere – I’m talking car license plates, letterboxes, in movies, you name it! Even as I was considering this blog post this morning, I looked up and saw 47 on the microwave clock!

Angel number 47 appeared at the exact moment I was thinking of this post!

And so what does this mystery angel number 47 represent?

According to Angel Numbers 101, 47 means:

“The angels say that you’re on the right path. Keep up the good work!”

This has been just the message I needed after recently publishing my own book. It has helped me to know that even though life has been extra busy, that I am exactly where I need to be.

For me, it is also further confirmation of how the Law of Attraction works. In essence, the more you notice something, the more you get back of that same vibration and manifestation.

If it’s not numbers you’re seeing, but feathers, rainbows or coins, they too are signs that the Universe or maybe a deceased loved one is trying to get a message to you.

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If there’s anything you take out of this post it’s this (and once again I defer to Doreen):

“There are no limits as far as the areas in which the angels can assist us…our celestial guardians want to help us with every nuance of life including health, happiness, fears, career and finances, relationships, family, travel, and so forth.”

The most important thing to remember is because of a little thing called freewill, they cannot intervene unless we ask. It can be aloud or silently, but I encourage you to ask and just see what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised by what signs come your way.

Feel free to share in the comments your experiences with repetitive numbers or signs. How do they make you feel? What do you think they’re indicating to you? Is it to show you are on the right path, like in the instance of 47, or maybe it’s a messages from your guides or deceased loves ones? If there’s a number you’re curious about put it in the comments box and I’ll let you know what it means. Thanks for sharing.

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