Messages from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards – The Power of Joy

Recently the concept of joy has been surfacing for me. While I have been working on a blog post, which explores the idea of bringing more joy into our lives (in a joyous way!), I have been integrating more joy into my daily life. I know, I know – joy should come naturally right? If, like me, you have been wrestling with the mother of all oxy-morons in struggling to bring more joy into your life, then don’t despair. We are not the only ones who feel that moments of joy in our busy world are too few and far between. But lately it seems to me that the tide is changing.

It’s no surprise then, that I was drawn to the following card from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters pack which is all about joy. Interestingly, I have drawn and read this card many times before as part of a card reading, yet today when I re-read it, I feel it took on a whole new level of meaning. So enjoy The Power of Joy – I hope it delivers encouragement for you in the same way it did for me.

Call upon the ascended master Maitraya to increase your happiness and joy.

“Maitraya (pronounced my-tray-ah) is also called Hotei, Laughing Buddha, and Lord Maitraya.”
Card and quoted material copyright to Doreen Virtue, 2007.

“To find your desired outcome, follow the path of joy. Your life’s purpose is supported by the joy and passion you feel when you’re thinking about or working on your purpose. The joy that you feel within relationships keeps them alive, exciting and growing. The joy that comes from your hobbies gives you extra energy.

Of all the emotions, joy has the highest energy vibration.

Joy has the power to remove all obstacles and attract all of your needs. Joy reminds us that we needn’t suffer at all. We can fulfill our purpose, help ourselves and others, and heal through the power of joy.”

Additional meanings for this card:

  • Stay positive and filled with faith to manifest your desires into reality
  • Find the humour in this situation
  • Enjoy a good laugh
  • Develop hobbies that bring you pleasure
  • To find your life’s purpose, do what brings you joy

“Maitraya is the familiar image of the smiling and rotund Buddha. His name means ‘the loving one.’ He lived as a Buddhist monk who was renowned for his compassion and generosity. Some Buddhists believe that Maitraya is the ‘future Buddha’ who will succeed Siddhartha Gautama as the next Buddha. Call upon Maitraya to increase your happiness and joy.”

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